the following excerpt represents monophonic texture

the following excerpt represents monophonic texture
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Which of the following types of texture does it represent? (:09). Monophony. Which of the following choices is the defining characteristic of polyphony? The independence and equality of concurrent melodic lines. This music passage is an example of: (:16). Homophony.The following excerpt represents monophonic texture.
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Homophonic texture.The following excerpt represents monophonic texture. (00:21). False. Which of the following terms does not refer to a basic musical texture? Cacophony. This piece of music is a good example of: (00:20). Polyphonic texture. The musical texture that consists of a single melody without accompaniment is …
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Monophonic texture. Which ofthe followingexamplesrepresentssecular music? (Play :15). Example C.This excerptis… (play :40). Dance music from the Medieval period. The composer ofthis excerptis… (play :55). Hildegard von Bingen. Which ofthe followingis NOT a chant of the Proper of the Mass? Sederunt Principes.
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mixture of polyphonic and homophonic textures.The following excerpt represents monophonic texture. ( 7 sec).The following excerpt represents monophonic texture.The following excerpt represents monophonic texture(21 sec). false. The following excerpt represents: (11). Melody with harmonic accompaniment.
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Jul 25, 2017 -The following excerpt represents polyphonic texture. false.The following excerpt represents monophonic texture(0:21). false. This piece is a good example of. Homophonic texturePolyphonic texture. Monophonic texture. Cacophonic texture. Homophonic texture. Musical texture refers to how melody and …
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Jul 25, 2017 -The following excerpt represents monophonic texture. t. The musical texture that consists of a single melody without accompaniment is called: Monophony. In general, operatic arias of the Romantic period, for example those by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924), provide good examples of homophonic music.
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The following excerpt represents homophonic texture. Get all 22 Answers – FREE. Top Result 22 answers available. The following excerpt represents homophonic texture. False. matt Trembley. Music 152 second half. MUSIC 152 · Illinois State University.The following excerpt represents monophonic texture. True.
the following excerpt represents monophonic texture
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A melody perfomed alone is the simplest pattern of musicaltexture.Thisis called “monophonic texture.” Whenever a single melodic voice is present alone, thetextureismonophonic. Remember, a melody performed by one or many musiciansrepresentsa single musical voice if the same notes are performed by everyone.Missing:excerpt
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Related Exercises §The followingcompositions and fragmentsrepresentvarious musicaltextures. Examine eachexcerptand decide whattexturebest describes the example:monophonic(solo or unison), homophonic (rhythmic unison or melody with accompaniment), or polyphonic. § Study the music provided. Notice that …
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The addition of chords, adding another layer to thetexture, could also accompany the overlapping melodies inthisround. … Keith Jarrett’s unaccompanied solo in “The Windup,” beginning at 1:55–2:30, serves to further describe amonophonic texture, and “Take Five,” beginning at 0:22, provides a good illustration ofa …
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Monophonic.Texture representsan unaccompanied melodic line that may be played by one instrument or divided between two instruments. A single musical line may be written in unison or in octaves. A cautionary note: overuse ofthis texturecan render the music monotonous; consequently, it is not used often by …
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Inthis excerpt, we hear only the opening two sections—that is, the introduction and part of the first song (or maeuta). … the SANKYOKU Jiuta music played by a trio. shamisen and shakuhachi play an elaboration of the main melody, thereby producing aheterophonic texture(Listen to CD II, 1 for an example of jiuta form).
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View Test Prep – music ch 19 quiz from MUSIC 1200 at Ohio University- Athens. Which best describes thetextureofthis excerptfrom the dance? Selected Answer: polyphonic Correct Answer: polyphonic.Missing:represents
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Questions 1-6 ask you’to identify pitch patterns that are playediln each case the question number will be announced. You will have, 10seconds to read the choices; then you will hear the musical example played twice, with a brief pause between playings. Remember to read the choices for each question after the number is …
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A musicaltextureconsisting of one melody and an accompaniment that supports it. Homophony is a musicaltextureof … not be in the highest part of thetexture. A melody played by the cellos and accompanied by the rest of the orchestra may be homophonic, asthis excerptfrom Schubert’s “Unfinished” Symphony reveals.
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a brief passage (usually 2 to 4 bars) in which the prevailingtexture(whether homophonic or polyphonic) is interrupted bymonophonic texture. …. As an example, listen tothis excerptfrom a solo by Charlie Parker (over “A Night in Tunisia”), where the drummer’s interjections are especially frequent: as in the John Coltrane …
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C.monophonic. D. homophonic. Correct Response: B. The examinee would listen to a 30-secondexcerptof “The Floating Moon” from. Thailand.Heterophonicdescribes music in which multiple musicians simultaneously perform embellished variations of the same melody.This textureoccurs in many types of world music, …
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following: layers of sound the function of each layer of sound the roles of instruments and/or voices in each layer of sound.Texture. CHAPTER. 5. Musical … One melodic line followed by another line (horizontal melodic lines);excerptfrom George Frideric ….. (e) Name the types oftextureused in theexcerpt(monophonic,.
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Aug 28, 2017 -One characteristic ofthis excerptthat suggests it might be from the Baroque Period is: :29. It contrasts a group of … Which one ofthe followingpairs of words or phrasesrepresentsthe two main concepts behind Baroque music? Basso continuo; The … It hasmonophonic texture. Which ofthe following…
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MARK SCHEME – GCSE MUSIC– 8271. 10.ExcerptB.Excerptis from Enescu: Romanian Rhapsody No. 1. Ques’n Part Marking guidance. Total marks. 4. 4 Which ofthe followingis a feature of the rhythm ofthis excerpt? Rubato. 1. 4. 5 Describe thetextureof the majority ofthis excerpt. Single line melody/monophonic…
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where a shortexcerptof music, called the pattern, is searched for in …. Withinthisframe- work there is no common definition of the similarity. Before introducing how the frameworks work with the polyphonic CBMR problem, let us first briefly review the theoretical …. tions are suitable forrepresenting monophonicmelodies. In.
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Incised linesrepresentingboth scarification and tears can be found on which sculpture highlighted in the Art. Resource Guide? a. …. electrophone d. membranophone e. idiophone. 5. Thetextureheard inthis excerptis BEST described as a.heterophonicb. quadraphonic c. polyphonic d.monophonice. homophonic.
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Inthiscase, without information about voice lines, most existing approaches consider transforming a polyphonic music into amonophonicmusic [8,9].Monophonic… is atextureconsisting of two or more independent voices. Thus, in the poly- …. The first bar of theexcerptisrepresentedby six triplets in (c), four of which are …
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Howeverthisarrangement is conceptualized, musicians agree that there are two basic modal genera, major and minor, with different but analogous musical and … and styles.46 For amonophonicringtone, then, the isolated tonal melody is able to encapsulate and communicate—orrepresent—the whole of anexcerpt’s…
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On the other hand,thisprocedure — assigning a chord its contour- segment number based upon the element of greatest magnitude — does make intuitive sense for durational contours, given atexturethat is partlymonophonicand partly chordal. That is, given a chord with a simultaneous attack but differing durations …
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[20, 21]. As formonophonicsequence [1], each pairrepresentsa note and is mainly defined with its pitch and its duration. Fig. 1 shows an example of anexcerptof a polyphonic musical piece and its related representation. According tothisrepresentation, we propose to study the algorithm computing the alignment be-.
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Texture: (monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic, imitation, counterpoint). Form: (binary, ternary, strophic, through-composed). From Chapter 2 (Non Western). Related ….. High soprano (representingthe woman) enters …This excerptfrom his opera, Dido and Aeneas, contains the most famous Baroque aria– “When I Am.
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monophonic texture. ▫ homophonictexture. ▫ polyphonictexture… 4.Excerpt2. B. (i)Thissong is. ▫ an art song. ▫ a ballad. ▫ a carol. ▫ a folk song … 4. (ii) Name one feature of the rhythm. … 4.Excerpt3 …. Apart from tonality, describe two musical features thatrepresentthe storm. (2+2) … 4. Any two ofthe following: 2+2.
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INSTRUCTIONS: Listen to the short musicalexcerpt. On your …. d. combat e. mess hall duties. 8. Thetextureofthissection is BEST described as a. polyphonic b.monophonicc. block voicing d.heterophonice. homophonic. 9. … Which ofthe followingBESTrepresentsthe dynamic of the opening ofthiswork? a. pp b. mp c.
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AboutThisTest. The Music: Content Knowledge test is designed to assess a beginning music teacher’s knowledge and understanding of music and music education. ….Texturea.monophonicb. homophonic c. polyphonic d.heterophonic. B. Understands how musical sounds vary. 1. Timbre of instruments and voices. 2.
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Mar 7, 2010 -tation willrepresentthat beat (inthiscase, it is the quarter note). The vertical lines are there ….. Commontexturesincludemonophonic texture(one melodic line), homophonictexture(accompanied …… accompaniment wasn’t notated; the recordingexcerptin the link below uses tambourine to keep the beat.
Four independent streams/voices are present in this excerpt from the……/Four-independent-streams-voices-are-present-in-this-exc…
Figure 5 Four independent streams/voices are present inthis excerptfrom the Fugue No.1 in C major, WTCI, BWV846 by J.S.Bach. … 1, all existing algorithms (see exception regarding Kilian and Hoos’s algorithm in the next section), that are based on purelymonophonicdefinitions of voice, would find two voices in the …
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Thismodel, as first conceived, can onlyrepresent monophonicnote sequences. As it would be desirable to enable hierarchical music analysis of all the voices within a composition, it is worth exploring exten- sions torepresentmulti-voice musicaltextures. One pos- sibility is using a separate MOP torepresentthe structure.
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b)heterophonic texture. c) heterogeneous timbre. … 6)Thisexample is a) a pravo horo from Pirin. b) a modern wedding dance. c) a Shopska ruchinitsa. d) a modern arrangement of folk music. 7)This excerptillustrates a) close-voiced part-singing. …. in western music b) the “signature” of a talrepresentedin drum syllables.
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Thisfocus on sound quality suggests a more “tactile” approach, imagining musicaltexturein terms of embodied performance and instrumental materiality. The third …Thismight commonly bemonophonicor homophonic, though a polyphonic stream couldrepresentthe coordination of two independent hands or feet. As Rolf …
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Apr 10, 2014 -composer may also produce works that can be understood asrepresentinga transition between, or a fusing of two styles; however, no composer’s output can be ….Thisquestion featured a brief musicalexcerptthat required students to speak directly to various elements of music. The first part of the question …
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by B Hansen – ‎2014 – ‎Cited by 1- ‎Related articles
ThisBook is brought to you for free and open access by the APUS ePress at DigitalCommons@APUS. It has been accepted for inclusion in ePress. Course Materials by an authorized administrator of DigitalCommons@APUS. For more information, please contact Recommended Citation.
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We canrepresentit withthisdiagram: … A A. DID YOU ….. with the same rhythm. Polyphonictextureseveral independent or imitating melodies. Accompaniedtexturemain melody with a harmonic accompaniment. 2.1.Monophonic Texture…. Listen to anexcerptfrom the song Ocean Dream, in which the song of whales…
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Sep 4, 2013 -The sample questions thatfollow representa number of the types of questions and topics that appear on … (Recorded example:excerptfrom Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre’s “Courante” from Pieces de. C/avecin: Suite in D minor). 3. …. Thetexture, harmony, instrumentation of the accompaniment, …
Jun 9, 2005 -d) Rumba 3. Which ofthe followingrepertoires wererepresentedin early hillbilly music? … What is the form of the entire song from whichthis excerptis taken? …. d) 12 bar blues chord progression 26. Thetextureofthis excerptis best described as: a) homophonic b)monophonic*c) polyrhythmic d) unison
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Jul 23, 2009 -Figure 1 How many voices inthis excerptfrom Chopin’s. Mazurka Op.6, No.2? It is suggested that a general musical voice/stream segregation algorithm should be able to cope with any kind of music, not just musicaltexturesthat are constructed by the use of a steady number ofmonophonicvoices (e.g..
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Remember thatmonophonic texturemeans that everyone is singing the same melodic line and there’s nothing else going on in the music. Imagine if we … Just as in the organum, any examexcerptwill come from the polyphonic sections as they are what constitute the most historically significant portions ofthiscomposition.
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Gregorian chant is the central tradition of Western plainchant, a form ofmonophonic, unaccompanied sacred song of the Roman Catholic Church. Gregorian chant developed mainly in western and central Europe during the 9th and 10th centuries, with later additions and redactions. Although popular legend credits Pope St.
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by EG Gutiérrez – ‎2002 – ‎Cited by 4- ‎Related articles
Oct 13, 1999 -thisdescription scheme torepresentmelodic aspects of audio in a specific application context, the Sound …..Thisresearch work focuses on melodic description ofmonophonicaudio signals. (that is one … to answer the question “which are the melodic features ofthisaudioexcerpt?”, that characterize the …
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PRACTICE MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS. The practice multiple-choice questions included inthissection are designed to give you an introduction to the nature of the questions included on the. PLACE test. The practice questionsrepresentthe various types of multiple-choice questions you may expect to see on an …
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Feb 23, 2015 -Neithermonophonicnor polyphonic,thisunique style, which isheterophonicintexture, has a surprising sound that is unfamiliar, even to a trained ear. …. In theexcerptbelow, a journalist from the Atlanta Constitution reports his observations from the 1892 Chattahoochee Musical Convention near Carrollton …
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A. Monophony. B. Minimalism. C. Minuet. D. Musica reservata.Excerpt2. 1.Thiscomposition is from a larger work in which genre? … 2. What compositional style doesthispiecerepresent? …. The craft of artfully combining instrumental timbres into varioustexturesis called: ______. A. Musicology. B. Orchestration.
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which ofthe followingchoices isthedefining characteristic of polyphony?
the followingmusicalexcerpt representsstrophic form.
the following excerptis consonant.
the followingmusicalexcerptis from a recitative.the following excerptcomes from which historical period?
the following excerptcomes from which work?
doesthe following excerptmove mainly by disjunct, conjunct, or repeated tones?
which ofthe followingitalian tempo terms best applies to this selection?
What is a Monophonic Texture?
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Amonophonic textureis when music only contains a melody line with no harmony – it might be played by one person on their own,
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Produced for WHS AP Music Theory facebook AP Class Website https://
Monophonic and Polyphonic

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Some musical instruments like brass and woodwinds aremonophonic, meaning that they produce one musical note at a time. Many
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Remember,Monophonic, one instrument playing on its own.
Monophonic and Polyphonic Music Examples
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Texture test 1: Monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic
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Texturetest 1:Monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic ANSWERS: 1)Monophonic(JS Bach – Partita No.2, 1720) 2) Polyphonic (
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Video shows whatmonophonicmeans. having a single channel, monaural (compare stereophonic). having a single melodic line
Musical Texture (Definition of Monophonic, Homophonic, Polyphonic, Heterophonic Textures)
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Song Credits: 0:16 – “Renegade” by Styx 1:06 – “Hallelujah Chorus” from Messiah by G.F. Handel, conducted by Andre Rieu 1:24 – ”
monophonic music texture
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Musical Textures

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Row, row , row your boat played in fourtextures: monophony, homophony, polyphony, and heterophony.
Musical Textures – Monophonic
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Teaching Monophonic Modal Improvisation in the Western Music Classroom
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Inthisvideo, I describe the differences betweenmonophonic, homophonic, and polyphonictexture. See below for more information
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Texturerefers to the way that multiple lines of music work together. The simplest type oftextureismonophonic, where there is
What is Musical Texture?
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“Texture” is another word in music that can mean a lot of different things depending on its context. Inthisvideo, Steve tries to explain
Monophonic Texture
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Monophonic songs
Rose JoverMonophonic Mouse – Texture Songs
Monophonic texture example
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Teaching Monophonic Modal Improvisation in the Western Music Classroom
Ken Zuckerman

3 years ago
TeachingMonophonicModal Improvisation in the Western Music Classroom.
What is Texture? – Quick Tip!
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For more videos, courses and information please visit our website:
David Durst Monophonic Texture
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Produce Psytrance like Timelock: Produce Psytrance like D-Tek: