What Is Formalism

dr. Betty Brown here again and the topic
is formalism formalism is actually an
approach to creating looking at and
interpreting art formulas and focuses on
the form the shape color texture line
the visual components of the artwork
putting aside the content putting aside
the historical context puttin aside the
psychology of the artist or the politics
of the artist who created it and just
focusing on the visual components the
visual elements now you can look at any
artwork in a formal term you can think
about the shapes and forms and color and
texture of any artwork but some artists
choose to focus on that and some critics
choose to respond to that for example
German artist Josef Albers was taken a
formalist approach when he did a series
called homage to the square he did a
series of concentric squares of color
and all he varied in square after square
after square was the color relationships
there was no story in those paintings
there was no feeling that he was going
through and trying to convey there was
no historical context there was just the
shapes of the squares with the colors
varied and what he wanted to do of
course was examine the optical response
to that formal element the square that
formal component the color so amage to
the square is a formalist approach to
examining the formal elements of art

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